Video Marketing

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text? Over the past few years, videos have gained popularity at a rapid pace, especially over social platforms and channels. Videos have always been an effective marketing tool, but as more updates allow people to share, repost, link, and send videos almost anywhere, they have evolved into a necessary business strategy. Here’s a breakdown of why your business needs a video marketing plan, how you can optimize video marketing performance on various platforms, and what we can do to help.

Why Video Marketing is Important

Video marketing is essential to your brand’s marketing and social strategy for a variety of reasons. First, it gives your brand a visual presence- with the help of video, viewers can actually see what your company is doing and accomplishing. 

Second, everyone else is doing it. According to HubSpot, 87% of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool in 2019, which rose from 63% in 2017. Creating quality visual content that your followers enjoy will help you stay in competition with your counterparts, as well as keep up with this increasing trend in the digital marketing world.

Lastly, it has been proven over recent years that videos resonate with viewers. If you want your brand to stand out over other companies, video marketing is the way to do it. Whether you are producing a commercial, educational video, live stream, or brand advertisement, the visual story you create is what allows your followers to understand your company’s values on a deeper level.


How to use Video Marketing to your advantage

There are plenty of ways to utilize video marketing to promote your videos. Social media is a great place to start- Insivia reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year, much of which is accessed via different social platforms. Here are just some of the many ways you can utilize social media to effectively market your business through video:

  • Posting videos: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Creating YouTube channels and playlists
  • IGTV
  • Instagram & Facebook live streaming
  • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat stories
  • Sharing videos on Facebook
  • Adding share buttons to your video player (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Creating gifs and short clips out of videos to post
  • Pin videos to top of news feed on Twitter
Video Production

How LCM Can Help

In order to successfully market your videos, you first have to produce them- and this can be hard to do without the right technologies. LCM has the capabilities to help you create any type of video you need to reach your target audience. Tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality.

  • 3D Animation
  • Concept & Storyboarding
  • Live Stream
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Pre & Post-Production Services
  • Editing