Original Productions

LCM Originals is your one-stop-shop for groundbreaking entertainment. From award-winning documentaries and feature narratives, to unscripted series and streaming live events. Stay tuned for more must-see original content across a wide slate of Film/TV/streaming platforms.


With never-before-seen footage, '9/11 + 20' reveals in real time how New Yorkers struggled to make sense out of the panic, confusion, fear, and evil that gripped their city as they watched the World Trade Center burn...then collapse. 20 years later, those same people with front row seats to history on one of America's darkest days will be located and interviewed for an episodic docu-series recounting their experiences and exploring how that day changed their lives.


NSFW Stand-Up

Introducing: NSFW! A Stand-Up Comedy Show series that we produce at our very own LCM Blue Hill Studio.

Live Music

In the mood for live music? We film episodes of our Live Music and Acoustic sessions at LCM Blue Hill Studios.



Have you watched the premiere episode of D’Arts at Blue Hill Plaza yet? Make sure to watch as artist Peter Strasser talks all things arts and darts with LCM founder Patrick Heaphy.