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Extra Income

If you often wonder how much your home or place of business can earn you income as a film production, the general answer is between $1000 to $5000 per day.

Tax Free Earnings

If the house you’re renting is your personal residence and you rent it for less than two weeks a year, you do not have to pay federal taxes on the additional income. In many states, including California, homeowners don’t have to pay state taxes either.

Home Improvement

Industry regulations demand that production companies treat your property with care. They should leave the rental site in the same condition as when they found it. If not the property should be properly reimbursed monetarily. Often than not, filmmakers leave the film location in even better condition than before.

Continued Interest

Once your property is used as a film location and the experience is a smooth one for all parties involved, it won’t be long until another production comes calling. If the crew and filmmakers like you, they most likely will recommend your place to other industry professionals. This in turn can attract more film bookings for your home or business.

Local Businesses Benefit

When productions come to film in your home, they also eat, shop and possibly even stay in your neighborhood or town. This in turn will have a positive economic impact for the entire communities.

Watching Production & Meeting Cast/Crew

Renting your home or business to a film production means you occasionally can stop by and watch the filming taking place. That in itself is quite cool. But meeting the cast and crew is even cooler.



  • Locations submitted with just one photo will not be accepted.  Send as many photos per location as you can.
  • If submitting a home, business or other building, include interior and exterior shots.
  • You must be the actual owner of the property, or have the authority to approve filming, to submit photos to our database.
  • Do not include photos shot in inclement weather (snow, fog, rain, etc.).
  • Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects may not be accepted.
  • Do not submit video clips, renderings, or brochures – just photos of the actual locations.
  • If the property is due to be sold or drastically remodeled in the very near future, please wait to submit photos until the property is in its “final” condition.
  • Submit large, monitor quality photos and shoot wide where possible so we can see detail. Photos that are too small will not sell your location.
  • Make sure all photos are properly rotated.
  • Submitted locations with no attached photos will not be accepted. Typically if we do not receive the images, the file size is too big. Here are some suggested sizing guidelines:
  • 144-150 dpi
  • File size between 200KB – 1 MB
  • JPEG compression = 7 good quality
  • 1280 X 1024 resolution
  • Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″



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Submitting your home for filming does not guarantee that it will be used.