Marketing Automation

Have you looked into marketing automation for your business? If the answer is yes, then great! You’re on your way to developing new customers and growing your consumer pool. If you haven’t thought about marketing automation for your company, you should, for a few reasons. Marketing automation establishes deeper relationships with potential and current buyers, which in turn optimizes your marketing and sales growth. The use of marketing automation simplifies the process of nurturing leads, as the hard-sell approach is abandoned for personalized messaging that people are actually interested in. And best of all, it’s convenient- it takes the responsibility off you to send out emails and schedule posts, which can be time consuming. This leads to a more efficient marketing strategy that targets leads with relevant and engaging content.


But what exactly is marketing automation? In one sentence, marketing automation is the use of software to automate repetitive marketing tasks such as email, social media, and other web-based actions. This is used to ensure that your business is sending out the right material to the people who want to see it. Instead of sending blast emails or general messages, marketing automation keeps track of what stage your prospects are at in the buying process, and helps you move them along accordingly.

Engage Leads

At LCM, we have the materials your company needs to drive more leads and increase conversion rates. Our team works with your business to create a marketing automation strategy, in order to effectively engage customers, work with sales, and build consumer relationships. 

Take our work with Blue Hill Plaza for example. We helped our home office complex implement marketing automation software to assist sales teams as well as prospective buyers looking to rent office space. The space report we created allows business owners to request information about available spaces. Inquiries then get placed into separate email marketing categories depending on the office size people are looking for.

This is the first step in cultivating leads. From here, email marketing campaigns are sent out categorically, which helps the Blue Hill Plaza sales team identify what exactly these customers are looking for and what they can do to help. Specified web marketing makes for a more efficient streamline of sales, as campaigns are tailored to the prospect’s interest.

Get the most out of marketing automation. Generate leads, grow sales, and build positive relationships with the people who want to invest in your company.