Construction documentation in Real time

Every construction project benefits from documentation. We are here to simplify your process and speed up your delivery time. Whether you use time-lapse photography to capture the before and after effect, or take advantage of our 3D mapping system, we give you the ability to gain real time insights and make pro-active decisions.



360º  photography will create a three-dimensional representation of a real-world location integrated with appropriate data for an increased user experience.

time-lapse photography

Time-Lapse is a great cost-effective way to capture key milestones of construction that may not necessarily be on schedule.  Differing from still photography, Time-Lapse provides a fixed position camera, ensuring the same vantage point to better reflect the progressions.

UAS | Drone Mapping

UAS/Aerial Photography gathers point clouds to obtain an accurate birds eye view and capture the architectural relevance of a project before and after construction.  Aerial shots will showcase a project in context to its surroundings and allow you to better understand and map the construction process.

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