Getting Started

Video content can be the most effective and influential means of telling your brand’s story or conveying the value of your product or service. As the foremost preferred type of media for online users, it is predicted that by 2017, 69% of Internet traffic will be video.


It’s true, just about anyone can create a video today, however the key is making one that consumers will engage in. You can accomplish this if you have a clear concept, the ability to communicate your message visually and deliver it effectively online.


So, where do you begin? Well, here are three basic ideas that can get you started;


  1. Explain your product or service - We are in a digital age of visual learners who enjoy simple & convenient explanations at the click of a mouse; this would explain why searches for "How-To” videos are up 70% on YouTube. Tutorial or demonstrational videos are a great way to increase the overall awareness of your brand to prospective clients.

  2. Be Creative - 92% of shoppers report that visuals are the most important factor affecting how they make purchase decisions. It is equally important for your video content to be just as entertaining as it is informative. Give them something to think about, laugh about, all while tastefully promoting your business.
  3. User Testimonials - Allow clients to tell their story about your product or service. Video content that features satisfied clients builds trust and sets your product or service apart from your competitors’.

Some other tips: Quality is important. Even when creating the most basic content, video and audio quality is a determining factor on whether or not consumers continue engagement or decide to stop watching. Make sure that the resources that you use to make your video will allow for optimal presentation. Also, editing your videos so that they look their best can heighten the reputation of your brand as it is a reflection of the product or service that you are selling;  Apple, Adobe and Avid offer products that will allow you to polish your final product. Finally make sure to use a targeted delivery method that fits your brand. Find which medium(s) are most relevant to your business, and select those to release your video on; options generally include Cable Television as well as social media outlets including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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