911+20 Docuseries

Everybody remembers where they were when two hijacked airliners flew into the World Trade Center. What if you were right there? On the fringes of Ground Zero? “9/11 + 20” turns its lens on the millions of New Yorkers spilling out into the streets on the morning of the attacks in search of answers. Among them was filmmaker Patrick Heaphy, who left his Manhattan office in Chelsea, camera in hand, and made the slow march down Fifth Avenue to Ground Zero. Along the way, Heaphy captures the shock, confusion, grief, anger and vengeance gripping his fellow New Yorkers, just beyond the veil of 9/11’s dust. 20 years after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks rocked the fabric and foundation of the greatest city in the world, “9/11 + 20” sheds new light on this dark day by re interviewing the same people Heaphy stopped on the streets. These eyewitnesses recount their experiences and take stock of how their lives have changed since then.

With never-before-seen footage, '9/11 + 20' reveals in real time how New Yorkers struggled to make sense out of the panic, confusion, fear, and evil that gripped their city as they watched the World Trade Center burn...then collapse. 20 years later, those same people with front row seats to history on one of America's darkest days will be located and interviewed for an episodic docu-series recounting their experiences and exploring how that day changed their lives.